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WEEKLY SPELLING WORDS - Spelling tests are always on Fridays, unless there is no school that Friday the test will be on Thursday.

WEEK 1  - Words: rough, grudge, stunt, thumb, once, another, does, trouble, cousin, began, oxygen, copy, very, until, umpire, sudden, which, city, thousand, million
Challenge Words: accent, imagine, embarrass, attractive, anxious

WEEK 2 - Words: afraid, explain, payment, sleigh, laid, raise, straight, freight, height, they, favourite, April, able, radio, station, relation, daybreak, trace, diligent, skeptical
Challenge Words: negotiate, campaign, engagement, hesitate, entertain

WEEK 3 – Words: fifteen, referee, eager, easily, ready, please, ecology, maybe, been, only, universe, future, communicate, beautiful, unusual, cute, cube, fuel, experiment, observation
Challenge Words: envelope, intelligent, separate, necessary, measurement

WEEK 4 –  Words:  obey, ocean, poem, echo, hello, wrote, goal, approach, owner, tomorrow, program, broken, potato, throat, oldest, followed, spoken, awoke,addition, subtraction
Challenge Words: 
schedule, authentic, imperative, questionnaire, success

WEEK 5 –  Words: I’ll, they’ve, don’t, we’re, didn’t, isn’t, couldn’t, haven’t, o’clock, you’re, who’s, whose, aren’t, it’s, doesn’t, there’s, won’t, I’ve, results, problem
Challenge Words: hypothesis, experiment, materials, conclusion, observation

WEEK 6 –  Words: idea, silent, myself, lying, apply, knight, quite, I’m, license, buy, inquire, higher, variety, smiling, diagram, rhyme, widest, python, matter, aboriginal Challenge Words: brief, continually, scene, retrieve, extremely

Week 7 -  Words: gloomy, school, choose, loose, route, clue, truth, duty, ruin, Tuesday, usually, threw, understood, neighbourhood, rookie, could, should, bulletin, mass, volume
Challenge Words: league, previous, upheaval, tedious, decrease

Week 8 –  Words: spoil, choice, avoid, moisture, oyster, royal, employ, annoy, ground, house, sprout, mountain, allow, ourselves, somehow, ounce, amount, boundary, physical, chemical
Challenge Words: physician, ridiculous, delicious, determine, scissors

Week 9 –  Words: baby-sit, first aid, flashlight, high school, goalkeeper, all right, airmail, one-way, bodyguard, something, good-bye, birthday, outside, everybody, everyone, anything, themselves, himself, nutrition, vitamins
Challenge Words: advantage, committee, opinion, brilliant, integrate

Week 10  - Words: stalk, off, because, brought, called, drawn, awful, awkward, lawyer, daughter, fault, author, always, already, although, belong, office, haul, protein, minerals
Challenge Words: flexibility, cranberries, hobbies, carbohydrate, ingredients

Week 11:Words: surrounded, skiing, swimming, loving, studied, traveling, carried, trading, bragged, worried, beginning, exciting, finished, laughed, quickest, weaker, tiniest, lonelier, dairy, alternative
Challenge Words: equality, abbreviate, tedious, obstacle, decipher

Week 12 - Words: countries, addresses, women, lessons, people, skis, friends, roofs, calves, fences, flies, lives, cherries, businesses, guesses, families, leaves, pictures, force, motion
Challenge Words: infectious, obnoxious, inquisitive, insignia, centipede

Week 13 –  Words: urgent, Thursday, purpose, thirsty, camera, wonder, smuggler, remember, surprise, earth, certain, person, dollar, colour, collar, early, mayor, doctor, divisor, dividend
Challenge Words: miscellaneous, circumstance, colleague, partial, negotiate

Week 14  - Words: square, stare, dairy, area, January, dictionary, daring, beware, argument, large, partner, guarding, article, orchestra, ordinary, important, force, before, lever, wedge
Challenge Words: commentary, correspondent, crisis, consonant, cancellation

Week 15  - Words: about, algebra, quiet, other, compare, thousand, happen, different, along, equator, dozen, animal, second, region, quarter, lecture, puncture, again, quotient, remainder
Challenge Words: furious, ambitions, sergeant, elaborate, humorous

Week 16: Words: awhile, where, thought, athletes, truthful, purchases, exchange, though, rhythm, children, chocolates, friendship, together, white, watches, arithmetic, months, length, denominator, numerator
Challenge Words: luxurious, courageous, constellation, astronomers, exhibition

Week 17 - Words: signal, regular, generous, energy, bridge, genius, dangerous, segment, figure, country, circle, concert, peaceful, nice, since, electric, dancing, decided, half, quarter
Challenge Words: dynasty, chivalry, resonant, incessant, enactment

Week 18 –  Words:  eagle, example, towel, special, legal, little, whole, several, terrible, label, question, frequent, telescope, instead, instrument, celebrate, declare, address, equivalent, community
Challenge Words: fanatic, austere, dilemma, abhorrent, malignant

Week 19 –  Words: tried, weigh, piece, receive, their, fierce, neither, field, receiving, trying, hurried, siege, weighs, writing, tired, having, planned, worries, monopoly, alliance
Challenge Words: gymnastics, teammate, tournament, archery, kinesthetic 

Week 20 - Words: kindness, darkness, happiness, loneliness, sadness, weakness, exactly, honestly, speedily, angrily, happily, friendly, especially, teacher, actor, liar, biologist, assistant, February, Mexico
Challenge Words: aurora, alleviate, animosity, apprehensive, ambiguous

Week 21 –   Words: scene, they’re, through, heir, clothes, byte, aloud cruise, crews, isle, principal, principle, hour, knew, two, write, chute, reign, algebra, variable
Challenge Words: perpendicular, authorization, subsequent, precipitation, photosynthesis

Week 22 - Words: thoughtful, successful, wasteful, wonderful, skillful, plentiful, government, amusement, predicament, excitement, punishment, arrangement, fearless, careless, worthless, thoughtless, useless, reckless, fraction, denominator
Challenge Words: belligerent, charisma, coherent, dubious, duplicity

Week 23 -  Words: shoes, sure, sugar, musician, patience, mission, occasion, physician, tension, conclusion, constitution, caution, constellation, addition, fiction, position, official, glacier, skeletal, muscular
Challenge Words: miscellaneous, circumstance, colleague, partial, negotiate

Week 24 -  Words: wrestle, wrong, answer, dough, unknown, knapsack, honour, listen, climb, half, island, talking, design, scratch, tonight, limb, knot, whistle, kidneys, waste
Challenge Words: validate, vaccination, visualize, violation, various

Week 25  - Words: rewrite, reappear, recall, recover, rebuild, dishonest, disagree, disappear, disappoint, disconnect, disapprove, misbehave, misfortune, misunderstand, misspell, misuse, illegal, illegible, horizontal, vertical
Challenge Words: forfeit, forgery, fertilize, fatigue, fascinating

Week 26 - Words: paragraph, trophy, nephew, enough, cough, fourth, Friday, physical, roughest, pharmacy, fragile, fluid, briefly, festival, stuffed, triumph, telephone, few
Challenge Words: circumference, composition, conquer, criticize, conscious

Week 27 - Words: imperfect, impolite, impatient, improper, inactive, inconvenient, incorrect, inconsiderate, preview, prejudice, prevent, prefix, prehistoric, unable, uncertain, uncomfortable, unaware, ungrateful, forecast, Celsius
Challenge Words: extraordinary, external, exhibit, exceptional, eliminate

Week 28  - Words: geology, geometry, geography, geologist, action, enact, transport, import, portable, bicycle, cyclone, encyclopedia, autograph, automobile, automatic, autobiography, telegraph, photograph, translation, rotate
Challenge Words: obvious, occupation, omitted, originality, occurred

Week 29 - Words: destruct, destruction, describe, description, decorate, decoration, divide, division, administer, administration, populate, population, infect, infection, punctuate, punctuation, attend, attention, cumulus, stratus
Challenge Words: abbreviate, asterisk, altercation, acoustics, absorbent

Week 30 - Words: multiply, temperature, vertical, equation, currency, amphibian, intersection, environment, agriculture, frequency, civilization, manufacture, characteristic, atmosphere, representative, semicircle, substitute, technology, exert, pressure
Challenge Words: cinnamon, compensation, commerce, catastrophe, callus

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